A "Special Service" for Smoky Mountain Publishers' Readers
from Dr. Gail Palmer

I realize many of you are doing research about ancestors who used to live within what is now GSMNP. If you have a particular question about someone who lived in the Smokies and/or who may be buried in one of the cemeteries, contact me at lpalmer@utk.edu. I will be happy to do a search for you and happy to share directions to any of the many cemeteries in GSMNP. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank the many people who have reached out to me throughout my writing and research career. Your support and your generosity have meant so much to me. I will continue to be on the “talk tours,” sharing stories about our beloved Smoky Mountain people. I love visiting with all you folks who have been so generous in your comments. Thank you so very much! You have always “lifted me up” in such a wonderful way, and I've made so many new friends and reunited with so many old friends as I've made presentations throughout East Tennessee and North Carolina. 

Please check out the listings below for help. However, if there's a book about GSMNP or cemeteries not listed here, please contact me to see if I can point you in the right direction to obtain any books with the information you need. We have many knowledgeable writers and researchers in this area, and I know you can find at least one (maybe more!) books about the Smokies to add to your collection. 

Check out historical societies of the area in which you have an interest.
(Be sure to call first for office hours, since many are staffed by volunteers.) 

Blount County Genealogical & Historical Society, Maryville, TN
(located inside Blount County Public Library, Maryville).

Sevier County Historical Society, Sevierville.
East Tennessee Genealogical & Historical Society, Knoxville.
Northshore Cemetery Association, NC.  Look online for boat schedule of visits to cemeteries across Fontana Lake, NC, from April through October. Taking one of these trips will give you a wonderful chance to meet people who are descendants of those buried in the cemeteries in the Northshore area across Fontana Lake or in Lauada Cemetery near Bryson City, NC.
Swain County Genealogical & Historical Society, Bryson City, NC. They have several books available, including Cemeteries of Swain County.
Buncombe County, Graham County, Jackson County—all have their own genealogical & historical societies. 

Check out these books.
Hiking Trails of the Smokies, GSMNHA.
History Hikes of the Smokies, Michael Strutin, GSMA.
Hiking of the Great Smoky Mountains: A Comprehensive Guide, UT Press, Ken Wise.
Smoky Mountain Cemeteries, Mike Maples, 2017.

Check out this online historic photograph collection.
There are 14,000 historic images on this National Park site that can be downloaded and used for presentations and other projects. Go
to https://openparksnetwork.org/explore/parks/grsm/